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Who is @rtwater?

   @rtwater is made up of an intergenerational and international group of specialists in different fields and different countries. The philosophy of the company is to offer one meeting point for global Internet solutions. This is obtained solely through a flexible and effective organization of a highly motivated team working in a very "out of the ordinary" company.

Dagmar Terrenas. Germany
Ignacio Miana. Spain
Lenka Propchazkova. Czech rep.
Raúl Martí Pérez. Spain
Natalia M. England
Raúl M. Viera. Spain


Welcome Cestmir!
We welcome Cestmir Prochazka to the team. Cestmir has ample experience in the maintenance of financial data bases and Web programming.

@rtwater publicly thanks the collaboration of all and each one of the members of the group.Thanks to their talent and confidence in our common project the company enjoys its current sucess.

Due to its constant expansion, @rtwater needs new professionals/freelance professionals to periodically join our team. If you think you can see your talent applied in any of the areas of the company, do not hesitate to contact us.

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